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Hosted Connections have over 15 years experience in the comms industry and has a team of highly trained engineers at its disposal. Due to the nature of hosted technology the solutions we provide are highly scalable, flexible and cost effective.

50% of businesses have already made a move towards using a hosted phone system. While some companies are reluctant to migrate their telephony systems due to concerns surrounding lack of control, there are some great advantages to moving to a cloud-based communications solution that they may not be aware of including:

•    Increased security - Hosted solutions have security in place by both the hardware and the supplier’s internal systems. Even better, data is stored in the cloud rather than on site.

•    Scalability - A hosted phone system offers greater flexibility and scalability. It can integrate both your mobile and fixed line services. What's more, as your business grows, your phone system can easily scale to cope with the new demands.

•    Simplified call management via an easy to use online portal.

Now is the perfect time consider updating your traditional phone systems and moving to a hosted alternative.



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