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Transforming your IT into a competitive advantage


IT is changing - servers and storage are now a utility like electricity and water and many more companies are deciding to move to the Cloud.

There are a number of advantages and benefits, such as moving away from costly Capex expenditures to predictable costs that can be easily forecast, enabling your business to move faster and providing a competitive advantage to ensure you are not outmanoeuvred by new players in the market.

A public cloud service provides inherent physical and virtual security benefits and, with resilience built in without the need to build your own, also allows your IT team to focus more on core business issues.

Key features

● Comprehensive selection of virtual servers ● Secure platform design with rewall and

VPN connectivity
● Most advanced, resilient platform globally ● Intuitive dashboard monitoring portal
● Integrated data backup services
● Optional infrastructure audit and report
● 24 x 7 x 365 pro-active monitoring

Cloud Backup is a managed ‘Backup as a Service’ (BaaS) product that allows organisations to automate the backup of the data stored on their servers onto a secure and highly resilient storage facility within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure in the UK.

Key advantages of a Cloud-based backup service

  • Affordable

Small businesses don’t have unlimited IT budgets. It’s important to use a solution that makes
sense and won’t require you to incur a capital expenditure. For as low as a few hundred pounds per quarter, your organisation can have all of its data backed up to the cloud.

  • Off-site

It’s important to keep a copy of les offsite. Even
if business les are backed up on a le server,
a hurricane, ood, re or theft could destroy the computers and backups. Keeping backed up les in the cloud ensures data is safe no matter what is going on at your of ce.

  • Simple

Cloud Backup solutions make ongoing management and restoration easy. With just a few clicks of the mouse, backed up les can be easily found and restored.

  • Automatic

Time is one of the most commonly stated reasons companies aren’t backing up their data. Cloud Backup doesn’t require an additional time commitment for you. Computer les are backed up to the cloud automatically on a daily (24 hour) basis, however you’re also able to start a backup immediately which can be used to mitigate risk in the case of a major system change. Ad-hoc backups will remain available for 24 hours.

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